Less Waste

Producing thin materials is one way we are a part of a shared global commitment to minimize waste


Recycling materials in-house for the agricultural and industrial markets is another way we lower environmental impact

Low Impact

Incorporating the latest technologies for energy efficiency allows us to reduce our footprint even further

Packaging Solutions with Proven Performance

With increasing pressure to reduce the amount of plastic utilized in food packaging, the need for high-performance, recyclable solutions keeps growing.
Plastopil has the answers! 

Introducing Mono Films with Advanced
Sealing Technology

Superior quality.
Reduced pack costs.
Less harm to the environment.

  • Eliminates PE sealant layers which enable downgauging and reduced costs
  • Enables the use of a mono base web
  • Achieves strong effective seals to mono-APET base



Less Plastic. Better Plastic.

Plastopil is committed to providing environment-friendly, cost-effective food packaging solutions.

Choose the mono-PET base web you want

100% Mono-PET — your choice.


Top it with Plastopil’s recyclable solutions

Up to 100% recyclable top lidding with
no non-PET residue.

Add Value to Packaging with Plastopil’s Lidding Films

  • Top web peels away easily with no non-PET residue — eliminates the need for pre-cleaning which enables easy recycling
  • Pet sealing layer allows for 100% PET bottom without PE /PP sealing layer required, which in turn allows for 100% recyclability of the bottom
  • Cost efficient

Plus all these key features -

  • Durable and stable film with multiple barrier options
  • Seals through all kinds of contamination   
  • Higher initial and continuous peeling strength compared to standard peeling mechanisms
  • Excellent anti-fog capabilities & printing available

Make the Switch

Move to Plastopil’s PET films and benefit from increased line productivity through extra-strong seals and short sealing time

The ultra-thin film (23-45microns) enables longer rolls, thereby reducing roll changeover time

Be Part of the Solution and Keep Plastic Out of the Environment

Contact us now to talk about your food packaging needs and how Plastopil can help solve them


Are you interested in learning more about our chilled food flexible packaging solutions? We're waiting to hear from you!


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