Millennials - Large and increasingly influential trend setting generation blog

More than any other demographic in the world today, millennials are environmentally conscious, socially aware, online-savvy, connected, value-focused and looking for smart deals. They are also health conscious, looking for fresh, low processed, natural foods.

Millennials - Large and increasingly influential trend setting generation blog

16 May 2016

According to the NPD Group, “Fresh, limited processing and natural are desired food characteristics particularly among millennials.”

Millennials - the demographic aged between 16 and 34 - are now the largest generational group in history, outnumbering even baby boomers. There are 85 million millennials in the USA. In terms of purchasing power, millennials’ share of the workforce in Europe in 2015 was 33%, and this is predicted to increase to 47% by 2025. Currently, millennials spend approximately $600bn globally annually, and according to a prediction by a major packaging company, this spending  is expected to rise to $1.4 trillion in the next six years.

From Jersey to Japan, and Kansas to Korea, millennials share a common outlook on life, and are using their purchasing power to bring environmental and social change across economic sectors by demanding accountability from major corporations and big brand names.

Adventurous taste

While preferring healthy choices, when it comes to eating, millennials are adventurous in their tastes, and favor unusual flavor combinations.

Millennials are also “grazers” and they love snacking. According to the Mayo Clinic, 35% of meals eaten by millennials are really snacks. To meet their need for “grazing behavior,” food – particularly healthy, low processed foods – should be made more portable through portion packs with smaller portions that can easily consumed while on the go.

Adventurous foods call for innovative packaging, for example multi-compartment packages for novel food pairings.

Millennials’ preferences will determine the future of food packaging

Millennials’ preferences will increasingly drive the future of food packaging with emphasis on sustainability throughout the value chain.
Millennials are moved by simple, uncomplicated, easy opening packaging with clear and smart labeling, with maximum information.
Millennials are adventurous eaters who like to “eat with their eyes” before they buy. Eye-popping, convenient, printed packaging appeals to these buyers.
Millennials expect companies to provide primary packaging that has a low carbon footprint, down-gauged and source reduced while focusing on healthy food options, with minimum preservatives, salts, color and other unhealthy additives.
Food packaging producers need to supply solutions which support these trends, such as ultra high barrier, laser perforation, easy open, complex and active packaging, together with thinner, source reduced and yet "fit for purpose" packaging.



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